Problem Child at The Sandgrounder

Go on The Sandgrounder’s website and you’ll be met with the claim that this seaside pub set in the heart of Southport serves ‘Great drinks, great food and great service’.

Problem Child Beer at The Sandgrounder in SouthportWell, we can definitely vouch for the fact that this bustling pub, bursting at the seams with sports fans from far and wide has a VERY good set of drinks on the pumps.

You can watch the latest football, rugby, cricket, or even catch a spot of live music all while sampling the delicious flavours of our Rapscallion, Scoundrel and Scallywag beers from Problem Child Brewing.

This brilliant pub loves to give local breweries a chance to showcase their real ales and we’re delighted that our own little Problem Child’s been welcomed into the Sandgrounder family.

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